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Aquaman: Solo Movie

It is time to learn more about Aquaman who was seen in Justice League live action movie. The man who lives in the sea and was an heir of the throne of Atlantis. While he is a local hero and known by villagers as a man who lives in the sea, the villagers accept him as their friend. Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) will have his own solo movie titled Aqua Man. In the movie Justice League featured Mera who is one of the guardian of box which has the power to change or destroy the Earth. It was at the moment when Aqua Man return to Atlantis that he encountered Mera in sanctuary where the box of power was located. Despite that fact Aqua Man and Mera are attracted to each other in the film, it is revealed they will not become love interest but equal partners in order to guide the Atlantians to their survival.

The fans has noticed that the two characters are dynamically great for each in the movie Justice League, however since the theme of the movie mainly focuses about Atlantis we can assume that the director of the movie will put Aqua Man and Mera’s bond on the show as well. Their role in the movie and their dedication to each other will become the pivotal means of the movie to move forward.

You can watch the trailer here from youtube:

Aquaman - Official Trailer 1 - Warner Bros. UK

Plenty of fans are looking forward to see what Mera brings to the set of the movie as another strong female character in DCEU and Warner Bros. superhero franchise. Of course we all know that Mera is not the leading hero in the movie like the Wonder Woman, fans are very certain that she will play a great role in helping Aqua man fulfilled his destiny as a future king of Atlantis.

Amber Heard who will play the role of Mera in the Atlantis. Heard stated that fans will be expecting that there will be a relationship develop between the character of Aqua Man and Mera. Spoiler Alert: You must know by now that in the end of the movie they will not be together, but they will have their own moments as admirer or showing affection to each other. The very thing you can expect from this movie would be the idea of bringing the Atlantis to continue to become a strong kingdom and the people of Atlantis will be united. There might be some issues surfacing in the Atlantis world to which Aqua-Man and Mera must face and it takes courage and strength to deal those issues. Furthermore, just like the movie Wonder Woman who features the wonderful kingdom of the Amazons and their culture, we will get to see as well the beauty and the magnificence of the kingdom of Atlantis. This time around Atlantis is under the role of the Aqua-Man’s father and mother but there will be political issue will rise up and there will challenges who will take the throne. We can also assume by now that Aqua Man in the end will be a rightful heir of his father’s throne.

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