Of late, the tech world is observing a bigger-is-better trend and the rumour is that many of the upcoming devices, for instance the Surface Pro 4, will have bigger display. There are reports that Microsoft will probably stretch the display of its Surface Pro 4 to 14 inches, bigger than all its predecessor versions. However, there are no confirmed reports about it. A guaranteed feature that many speculate for Pro 4 now is the improved processor.

Improved processor for Pro 4

It is reported that Surface Pro 4 will have Intel’s latest processor model Core M. Intel came up with Core M processors soon after the release of Surface Pro 3. The best side with Core M Processors is that they don’t require any cooling fans. Most of the traditional processors, both of Intel’s and other popular brands’, require cooling fans. This impacts the portability of the device where the processor is installed. According to experts at Windows tech support, the integration of Core M Processor with Pro 4 would make it more portable. In fact, many of the folks who are waiting for Pro 4 release are expecting the Core M Processor included in it.

Will Pro 4 have Windows 10?

More than the inclusion of Core M Processor with Pro 4, what has created more buzz is the report that Pro 4 will have Windows 10 in it. Microsoft knows for sure that if it releases Pro 4 with Windows 8/Windows 8.1, it would not attract any users. Both operating systems are responsible for causing a lot shame for Microsoft.
Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 Features

The most frequently raised blame against Windows 8/8.1 operating system is that it does not cater to desktops and laptops. Microsoft’s approach to make Windows 8 a touch friendly operating system is what has led to the failure of this operating system. In fact, the tech giant has realized this and most probably, it would not dare to release Pro 4 preinstalled with Windows 8.1.

But experts in the tech world point out that Microsoft has to wait until the release of Windows 10, which will most probably be by 2015 end, should it release Pro 4 preinstalled with this operating system. Will it wait that long? According to sources privy to Windows tech support, Microsoft is almost ready with Pro 4 and therefore chances are high that it will release the device preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and provide the buyers with a Windows 10 upgrade option once it is released. Rumors also say that this new Surface PRo will support. The Game tool that has been so popular all over France.